Calder Foundation
Galerie Billiet-Pierre Vorms, Paris. Sculptures bois et fil de fer de Alexandre Calder. Exhibition catalogue. 1929.

Jules Pascin, Statement

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Calder, Alexander. Statement on Wire Sculpture. Manuscript, 1929. Calder Foundation, New York.

Unpublished Document or Manuscript

Behne, Adolf. “Plastik als Luftakt: Alexander Calder in der Galerie Neumann-Nierendorf.” Welt Am Abend, 11 April 1929.


Galerie Percier, Paris. Alexandre Calder: Volumes–Vecteurs–Densités / Dessins–Portraits. Exhibition catalogue. 1931.

Fernand Léger, Introduction

Solo Exhibition Catalogue

Calder, Alexander. “Comment réaliser l’art?Abstraction-Création, Art Non Figuratif, no. 1 (1932).

Related Timeline
1926–1930 Wire Sculpture and the Circus

Soon after moving to Paris in 1926, Calder created his Cirque Calder. Made of wire and a spectrum of found materials, the Cirque was a work of performance art that gained Calder an introduction to the Parisian avant-garde. He continued to explore his invention of wire sculpture, whereby he “drew” with wire in three dimensions the portraits of friends, animals, circus themes, and personalities of the day.