Calder Foundation

"When one leaf hangs on a bough…"

Date 1947
Etching in color
14 1⁄4" × 12"
"Included among 14 prints by Calder, Ernst, Lipchitz, Masson, Hayter, Miró, Tanguy, and Helen Phillips in the ""Album Ruthven Todd,"" which was never published. Todd dedicated a poem to each artist."
Printed at Atelier 17, New York
Edition size
Less than a dozen examples exist, none of them signed or numbered
Works / Print 70
Related Timeline
1946–1952 International Distinction

Calder had a major show in 1946 at Galerie Louis Carré in Paris for which Jean-Paul Sartre wrote a seminal essay. He designed sets and costumes for a number of theatrical performances and designed a huge acoustic ceiling for the Aula Magna auditorium at Universidad Central de Venezuela. In 1952, Calder represented the United States at the Venice Biennale, winning the grand prize for sculpture.