Calder Foundation

Three Legged Beastie (maquette)

Date 1959
10 1⁄8" × 7 1⁄2" × 5"
Calder Foundation, New York; Gift of Andréa Davidson, Shawn Davidson, Alexander S. C. Rower & Holton Rower, 2013
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Centro Botín, Santander, Spain (2019)

Centro Botín, Santander, Spain. Calder Stories. 29 June–3 November 2019.

Solo Exhibition
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1953–1962 Large-scale Developments and Intercontinental Projects

During a yearlong stay in Aix-en-Provence, Calder executed the first group of large-scale outdoor works and concurrently concentrated on painting gouaches. In 1954–55, he visited the Middle East, India, and South America, with trips to Paris in between, resulting in an astonishing output and range of work. Toward the late 1950s, Calder turned his attention to commissions both at home and abroad.