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Calder Jewelry
3–25 December 1940Willard Gallery, New York
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“Novel Handmade Jewelry on Exhibit.” Women’s Wear Daily, 4 December 1940.


McBride, Henry. New York Sun, 7 December 1940.


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New York Herald Tribune, 15 December 1940.

Chronology  3
Before 9 October 1940

Marian Willard shows an array of Calder’s jewelry to Valentina, a renowned haute couture dressmaker in New York. Valentina objects to the prices of the items and Willard takes them next to Harper’s Bazaar where they are photographed.

16 October 1940

Carmel Snow, the legendary editor of Harper’s Bazaar, writes to Willard: The photographs of Sandy Calder’s jewelry turned out beautifully . . . we will publish these either in December or January.

3–25 December 1940

Calder Jewelry” is presented at Willard Gallery, New York. In her press release for the show, Willard writes, These works of art are savage and deliberate and self-confidently sophisticated . . . This is a master modern artist’s contribution to the history of fashion. For a world already in

chains it is superb stuff.

Exhibitions / 1937–1945: Public Commissions and the War 6

Pierre Matisse Gallery, New York. Calder: Stabiles & Mobiles. 23 February–13 March 1937.

George Walter Vincent Smith Gallery, Springfield, Massachusetts. Calder Mobiles. 8–27 November 1938.

Pierre Matisse Gallery, New York. Calder. 14 May–1 June 1940.

Willard Gallery, New York. Calder Jewelry. 3–25 December 1940.

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1937–1945 Public Commissions and the War

In 1937, Calder completed Devil Fish, his first stabile enlarged from a model. He received two important commissions: Mercury Fountain (1937) and Lobster Trap and Fish Tail (1939). His first retrospective was held in 1938 at the George Walter Vincent Smith Gallery in Springfield, Massachusetts, followed by another in 1943 at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.