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Alexander Calder: Mobiles, Stabiles, Constellations
25 October–16 November 1946Galerie Louis Carré, Paris
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Alexander Calder: Mobiles, Stabiles, Constellations (1946)

Galerie Louis Carré, Paris. Alexander Calder: Mobiles, Stabiles, Constellations. Exhibition catalogue. 1946.

Jean-Paul Sartre, Les Mobiles de Calder

Solo Exhibition Catalogue

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Chronology  5
Before 3 July 1945

Calder produces a series of small-scale works, many from scraps trimmed during the making of other objects. Let’s mail these little objects to [Louis] Carré, in Paris, and have a show, Duchamp suggests when he sees them; by taking advantage of the newly available international

airmail system, Duchamp’s action predates “mail art” by nearly two decades. Carré responds to Duchamp’s proposal. Interested show Calder miniatures would also gladly exhibit mobile sculptures available all sizes and colours.

After 14 August 1945

Intrigued by the limitations on parcel size imposed by the U.S. Postal Service, Calder begins creating larger works for his show at Galerie Louis Carré that are collapsible and intended to be reassembled upon arrival in Paris.

5–6 June 1946

Calder takes his first transatlantic flight from New York to Paris to prepare for the exhibition at Galerie Louis Carré, Paris.

23 July 1946

The exhibition at Galerie Louis Carré is delayed and Calder returns to New York.

25 October–16 November 1946

Alexander Calder: Mobiles, Stabiles, Constellations” is on view at Galerie Louis Carré, Paris. Henri Matisse attends the exhibition. Along with photographs by Matter, the catalogue includes two essays—Sartre’s “Les Mobiles de Calder” and Sweeney’s “Alexander


Exhibitions / 1946–1952: International Distinction 6

Galerie Louis Carré, Paris. Alexander Calder: Mobiles, Stabiles, Constellations. 25 October–16 November 1946.

Buchholz Gallery/Curt Valentin, New York. Alexander Calder. 9–27 December 1947.

Ministério da Educação e Saúde, Rio de Janeiro. Alexander Calder. September 1948.

New Gallery, Charles Hayden Memorial Library, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge. Calder. 5 December 1950–14 January 1951.

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1946–1952 International Distinction

Calder had a major show in 1946 at Galerie Louis Carré in Paris for which Jean-Paul Sartre wrote a seminal essay. He designed sets and costumes for a number of theatrical performances and designed a huge acoustic ceiling for the Aula Magna auditorium at Universidad Central de Venezuela. In 1952, Calder represented the United States at the Venice Biennale, winning the grand prize for sculpture.