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Calder: Constellations
20 April–30 June 2017Pace Gallery, New York

Calder: Constellations was held in tandem with Miró: Constellations at Acquavella Galleries, New York. These remarkably resonant series were created during the war at a time when the artists were unable to communicate with one another; like Calder’s Constellations, Miró did not name his body of work. In both cases, the expansive subject matter belied the circumstances of their origins, bearing witness to the artists’ resolve to preserve their creative freedom.

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Calder/Miró: Constellations (2017)

Pace Gallery, New York, and Acquavella Galleries Inc., New York. Calder/Miró: Constellations. Exhibition catalogue. New York: Rizzoli, 2017. Boxed set includes three volumes: Calder: Constellations, Miró: Constellations, and Calder/Miró: Chronology and Correspondence.

Alexander S. C. Rower, Deployed Nuclei

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Alexander S. C. Rower and Joan Punyet Miró in conversation with Jordana Mendelson on 19 April 2017 at The Morgan Library & Museum, New York, on the occasion of Calder: Constellations at Pace Gallery and Miró: Constellations at Acquavella Galleries.

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