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Calder: Discipline of the Dance
21 March–28 June 2015Museo Jumex, Mexico City

Curated by Alexander S. C. Rower, Calder: Discipline of the Dance presented a wide range of works that lend insight into Calder’s intellectual intuitions and unequalled perceptual innovations. With an installation designed by Tatiano Bilbao, the exhibition took as its point of departure Calder’s inspiration and experience in Latin America. “[Calder] is a perpetuator of unexpected forms of balance through which sculpture has mastered the discipline of the dance,” wrote renowned critic Juan García Ponce in 1968.

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Calder: Discipline of the Dance (2015)

Museo Jumex, Mexico City. Calder: Discipline of the Dance. Exhibition catalogue. 2015.

Alexander S. C. Rower, Calder: Discipline of the Dance

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Alexander S. C. Rower interviewed on the occasion of Calder: Discipline of the Dance at Museo Jumex, Mexico City.

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